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What is Mycorrhizae?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of healthy soil? It's a hidden world teeming with life, dominated by a network of fine, thread-like structures called mycelium.

These are the "roots" of fungi, and their age is mind-boggling - they originated over 450 million years ago!

Even more fascinating is the symbiotic relationship they form with plants, called mycorrhizae. This partnership, literally meaning "fungus-root," has existed for almost as long.

In short, the mycelium extends the plant's root system, reaching deeper into the soil to unlock crucial nutrients and water. In return, the plant feeds the fungus sugars it creates through photosynthesis.

This ancient collaboration benefits your indoor plants in several ways:

    • Enhanced nutrient uptake:¬†Mycelium helps plants access vital minerals like phosphorus and nitrogen,¬†even in poor soil.
    • Improved drought resistance:¬†The vast network of mycelium increases water absorption and retention,¬†reducing watering needs.
    • Stronger immune system:¬†Mycelium can act as a natural shield,¬†protecting plants from pathogens and pests.
    • Boost in growth and yield:¬†With better access to resources and stress reduction,¬†your plants can thrive and produce more flowers,¬†fruits,¬†or vegetables.

How can you tap into this power? Our mycorrhizal plant additive directly introduces beneficial fungal spores into your potting mix. These spores germinate and establish mycorrhizal partnerships with your indoor plants, unlocking their full potential.

Use our product on various plants, from houseplants and herbs to vegetables and fruits. Simply mix it with your soil or apply it directly to the roots during transplanting. Witness the difference yourself, as your plants experience improved growth, stronger resilience, and vibrant health!

Embrace the age-old magic of mycelium and nurture your indoor oasis with the power of mycorrhizae!