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Psycho Myco

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Psycho Myco is a cutting-edge powder formula containing the most complete blend of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma on the market!

Users of Psycho Myco will see all of these benefits, all from just one bottle:

- Explosive root development

- Increase resistance to stress and ill-health. 

- Enhanced yields, fruiting and flowering

- Better nutrient and water absorption

- Transplant success.

Psycho Myco does this by aiding optimum colonization of root systems by the fungi. The water-soluble powder makes the application a snap and delivers the spores directly to the roots. See ingredients below. 

Transplanting: Lightly dust the soil and place the plant directly on top of 1gm of power per 1 litre of root ball.

Cuttings: Moisten the cutting and dip it into Psycho Myco powder. That's it.

Top Feed: 5 grams per 10 litres of water. Apply weekly for best results.

Seeds: Add a small dusting to each planting hole then add your seed as normal.

Each and every bottle of Psycho Myco contains a crazy amount of goodness which your plants will love!

5 Trichoderma (20million prop/spores/gram)

- Trichoderma hamatum

- Trichoderma harzianum

- Trichoderma koningii

- Trichoderma longibrachiatum

- Trichoderma reesei

9 Endo Mycorrhizae (230 prop/spores per gram)

- Glomus clarum

- Glous intraradices

- Glomus Mosseae

- Glomus deserticola

- Glomus monosporus

- Paraglomus brasilianum

- Glomus ectunicatum

- Glomus aggregatum

- Gigaspora margarita

9 Ecto Mycorrhizae (230 prop/spores per gram)

- Rhizopogon amylpogon

- Rhizopogon fulvigleba

- Rhizopogon luteolus (5.5m/g)

- Rhizopogon villosuli

- Lacarria laccata

- Lacarria bicolor (5.5mil/g)

- Psiolithus tinctorius (500mil/g)

- Scleroderma cepa

- Scleroderma citrinum 3.5mil/g

Beneficial Bacteria (2 billion prop/spores per gram)

- Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

- Bacillus brevis

- Bacillus circulans

- Bacillus coagulans

- Bacillus firmus

- Bacillus laterosporus

- Bacillus licheniformis

- Bacillus megaterium

- Bacillus mycoides

- Bacillus pasteurii

- Bacillus plymyxa

- Bacillus subtillis

- Virigibacillus halodenitrificans

Clone Gel Powder

Mix 1 scoop 10ml of Mr Clone with 3 scoops of warm water 30ml, mix well to gel consistency.

Wait 5 minutes for gel to set then dip clone tips into gel.

Clone Solution

Mix 1 scoop to 4 litres of warm water mix well and soak plugs for 30 minutes.

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Psycho Myco

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